Expenditure on education is often in the doldrums. However, when elections are in the offing, governments hasten to ramp up systems. Their newfound interest is expressed through money allocated for buildings and facilities. These are visible artefacts that allow governments to boast of their support for schools.

Truth be known, the desperate expenditure need is in the area of teaching and learning. The interface between teachers and students is stretched because human resources are often under-recognised.

Infrastructure development enables governments to show off. “Is this nor a great school I have built” might be the cry. Yet the highest priority is that of expenditure needed in classrooms with lessons, program implementation and assessment tasks.

This matter needs addressing.


I believe in mission statements. They are focussing. I revisit my mission statement regularly. It is included on correspondence and emails. It is also on the reverse side of my business card.

My Mission Statement:
* To fulfill and be fulfilled in organisational mode: Family, work, recreation.
* To acquit my responsibilities with integrity.
* To work with a smile in my heart.
These precepts have been my guiding light since 1984.

Consider developing a mission statement that offers purposeful focus. You’ll be glad you did!


All educators, regardless of their positions within schools have ‘In Trays’. Tasks that need to be completed stay there until they are done. The ‘out’ tray comes into play for all finished assignments.

There is nothing more frustrating that to have an in tray burdened by documentation, an out tray light on for tasks that have been done. Finishing work and going home leaving a laden in tray does not augur well for feelings of satisfaction with accomplished work.

It is wise to aim for an empty in tray before departing for the day. Perhaps an ‘In Train’ tray for tasks that have been completed as far as possible would help. This makes sense because tasks are often a work in progress.

Apart for that, aim for an empty in tray before leaving for the day. This practice delivers a feel good outcome. Better that, than feeling the burden of office.