This week i have had the opportunity to participate in an International Growth Coaching program. Conducted by Grant O’Sullivan with a group of 32 participants, it was a full on participate two day program. This segment is the first of four, leading toward coaching competence.

Although officially a retired principal I remain connected with both the NT Department of Education and the Charles Darwin University. Coaching is a domain that has always been of interest and an area practised over the years.

This program offered an excellent synthesis of theory and practice. Methodology came to life through usage. The emphasis was on practising coaching method, with coach and coachee being offered feedback on their use an interpretation of the method. “Living learning” is all about putting theory into practice learning how it works.

This program reinforced to me that one is never too old to learn and to gain new knowledge. Gaining skills in coaching will also help me to fulfil the promise of giving back to the system that has given me a great deal the years. Certainly one is never too old to learn and neveer too old to give back to the development of others.

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