I have been reading “Dear Life On Caring For The Elderly”. It is the current Quarterly Essay written by Karen Hitchcock. The essay may not mean much to young people or even to those in the middle aged years. For someone in my situation who hasn’t much change left from the “three score years and ten” and obviously for those older, it means a lot more.

My reading of this essay is that people who are aged and no longer self-reliant are, from the viewpoint of systems, nothing more a less than a nuisance. While there may be a bit of niceness offered them by those connected within the medical fraternity, the story in the hearts of medical providers is a lot more sinister. They wish and hope that the oldsters won’t hang around for too long. They suck up resources and their demise would be a blessing, their continuation on this mortal coil a distinct disadvantage and nuisance. After reading the treatise I got the distinct feeling that people of senior years are seen as a blight, indeed as a curse.

While the reading did not fill me with personal alarm (at this stage of my life), I am cognisant of my ageing and creeping frailty. Having always believed in euthanising I’m now more than ever convinced that this has to be an alternative and that the ending of my days needs to be on my hands and at a time Of my choice. We share our lives with others and obviously they would come into contention with decisions reached. However, my resolve that I never want to be a burden on people is certainly reinforced by my reading of this essay. It confirms that the aged, frail and dependent are definitely unwanted. For them to want to stay on this mortal coil is on their part arrant selfishness. In the interests of others they should be gone.

This essay should be read by all our ageing citizens. It tells a sad, alarming and unfortunately true story.

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