Thank God that in these modern times, there is a slow but growing realisation that women for far too long have been denied their rightful and earned place on boards, as CEO’s and as world leaders.  I welcome this change in thinking – albeit gradual – and the engagement of women in higher places within educational administation and our schools.


One of the upsides of my career as an educator was to have the engagement of women within our leadership groups. I was a school leader for over 40 years and for most of that time enjoyed the benefit of female contribution to the shaping of our processes and pathways. Their perspectives added an enriching dimension to the schools’ pathways. Their insights were invaluable. I learned to listen for incorporating their thoughts, perceptions and ideas was enhancing. Gender has its foibles but the contribution of female educators made a huge and everlastingly positive difference.


Women have so much more awareness of discourse environments that surround us, that I am left in awe.  As a man,  I have to concentrate fully on any group situation in which I may be participating. Women in the group not only comprehend discussion in a quicker and more understanding manner. They can also ‘hear’ what is happening in groups around. Their capacity to grasp situations is incredible. It is partly for this reason that their contributions can be somewhat superior to that of men. As a leader I always sought opinion and feedback from the ladies with whom i connected, in order yo gain a more accurate picture of meeting and group discussion outcomes that would have otherwise been the case.


We deny women the opportunity to participate in high levels within organisations at our social and economic peril.  For too long women have been denied their rightful place within the leadership because of male bias. I suspect men know that many women in leadership positions would do a far better job that their male counterparts.   We need to grow up, put away our stupidity and welcome women to their rightful place within our leadership ranks.


Men in high places fool themselves if they believe the job they do is better than that of women. As a man, I rue the fact that women are so often excluded from the higher echelons of organisation. Without doubt they would excel and in most cases do a far better job at leading and managing than men.  Men want women out of the picture because they often feel insecure in the roles they occupy.   They are so many things women do far, far better than men and qualities they have to which men could never strive.

The world is largely a mucked up place and that in large part is down to the selfishness and the short sightedness of power crazed male leaders.


I believe that in so many ways and in multiple management and leadership situations, women do a far better job than men. Their qualities of organisation and efficiency along with their ability to multitask, leaves me gasping in admiration (and indeed envy) at their capacities.

If powers of governance and leadership of earth’s nations were vested in women, there would be few wars, few conflicts and greater focus on peaceful harmony and accord. So many countries, particularly in modern times, turn on the thirst for power and aggrandisement burning in the hearts and souls if their male leaders.

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