This gets slightly away from my focus on education.  However, the consideration  of macro-issues (our economy is a macro issue) is important.  I confess to feeling pessimistic about the direction in which this country is heading and how it is managing the economy.


*We have lost manufacturing industries to overseas destinations.
*We have a Fair Work Act that is strong on rhetoric but in many cases short on practical and sensible expediency.
*We have introduced massive red tape and bragged about the easing of paperwork accountabilities.
*We have sold residential property to overseas interests in such volume as to price Australians out of the housing market.
*We have sold and keep selling massive tracts of agricultural land to overses interests.
*We have agreed to free trade agreements which open Australian markets to foreign imports, tenders for goods supply and priority to overseas suppliers to the detriment of domestic interests.
*We have offered huge tax concessions to major industry in a way that almost lets them off the tax hook.
*We allow mining exploitation and business profits otherwise to generate benefit for overses companies and their foreign shareholder base.
*We borrow and spend $100,000,000 each day more than is generated by our domestic production.
*We endorse greater and greater percentages of our GDP being spent on offsetting interest accumulating on our government borrowings. We believe that major indebtednes is a wonderful thing.
*We discourage workers through increasing tax imposts..
*We think that salaries for CEO’s and Government Department Heads should be paid in their hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars each year.
*We are overgoverned to glory. We have too many layers of government.
*We pay retired politicans benefits that are generous to the point of being almost immoral.
I could go on.

No wonder we have a tattered economy and a fractured economic outlook. The future is bleak.

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