Often we fail to take notice of educational history. It is either completely neglected or afforded a fleeting, non-comprehending gaze. As contemporaries and vthe we current crop of policy makers we move on.

From time to time, those who have been involved with education for decades will offer caution. They will advise that a particular program has nor worked in the past, offering reasons for its failure. Cautionary words are discounted, often nor being heard in the rush for change.

Much change is a revisitation to what has been trialled, applied in the past then abandoned because of its unworkability. Notwithstanding failures, such programs are likely to be picked up and introduced as new, beaut measures twenty or thirty years later – with similar results. This may apply decentralisation, boarding school education, and favoured leadership strategies.

Change is necessary but needs to be done in a way that recognises the strengths and challenges of that ‘change’ last time around.

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