Organisation’s from schools, to educational regions and districts and main head offices frequently get involved in changing names, mottos and logos. It might be felt that the logo needs updating with or through the impression of modern art.

Mottos can change. They might be key statements of ambition or intent at school, district or system level. The names of regions and departments change at regular intervals.

In the Northern Territory (Australia) we were initially the Department of Education. Then we became the Department of Employment, Education and Training, then the Department of Education and Children’s Services. Now we are back to being the Department of Education, but for how long no-one knows.

These changes happen everywhere. Stationers and sign writers do very well from the business that comes their way.

There are huge costs in changing labels, everything from stationery to major signage and a lot in between. It seems we would do well in education to look at re-prioritising money devoted to these changes. It would be far better it seems, for that money which amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars (at the very least) to educating students in our schools and universities.

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