Notwithstanding email and SMS traffic, there is still a place for old-fashioned correspondence by letter and printed memo. As a principal I valued the ability to transact communications using this ‘old fashioned’ approach. I always took the opportunity to personally sign all correspondence, no matter what the volume.

Attaching a signature in this way adds a personal touch. If signatures are verifiable as having been individually added, this somehow adds a note of empathy and personality in contract that is not otherwise available.

Dampening the signature just a little and adding finger pressure will quickly confirm if it has been personally added or is stereotyped. Often signatures are added in a different colour to the text but are still copied rather than being added by hand.

The receiver of a letter or memo that has been personally signed appreciates that the sender has taken time to confirm individual care. In personally signing correspondence, I reflected briefly on the person to whom the communication was being sent. This brief reflection was important.

Consider personalising correspondence in this manner. I am sure it is a positive strategy.

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