It is a distinct and continuing concern to me that so many teachers and those working in schools, absolutely long for the day they can retire. I have known educators who are looking forward to their last day of teaching, anywhere up to a decade from that eventuality. These are teachers and leaders who are locked into the teaching profession by age. They are too old to jump ship and go into some other occupational area. This means they carry on by sufferance.

Many educators of more youthful years, with keen desire to teach and make a difference, realise their profession is more about accountability and justification than it is about teaching and developing students in a holistic manner. They come to understand that students are pawns in the system, rather than being main players. So they leave, glad to have a chance to exit.

There are students, too, who resent having to stay at school until their late teens because that is the government’s way of keeping them from being unemployment statistics. They have to be there; they don’t want to be there. That does not help them, their peers or teachers.

The stampede to the Education departure gate is a sad systemic manifestation.


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