Too many lives that could be lived in fulsomeness and belonging bto people wgho could make a difference in this world, are cut off in the middle of the day by gun weilding Americans.

Too many children, in the bloom of life, are among those who are wantonly snuffed out. Living souls reduced to corpses.

Ninety one American lives lost to grind every day, 33,215 each year. Each year the population equivalent of Palmerson, the NT’s satellite city placed in coffins.

Americans need educating about gun control.


Are bad,
In wrong hands,
They make people sad,
Trigger pulling is so wanton,
Expunging innocent life in an instant,
Shooting sadness, inexplicable grief into the hearts,
The souls and the fibre of sad families,
Who not for an instant can begin to understand,
Why the death net should embrace them in cold clutch,
The enternal struggle to understand what motivation drives killers in plunging,
Them and so many they know into the river of everlasting despair,
Is a phenomena that surely lacks logic and cannot be logically, humanistically understood,
Fie upon you people of the United States for your preoccupation with gun power.

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