YEAR 12 ENDS (Vale Secondary Years)

Note:  My (unedited) column in the “NT Sun” for 22.11.16, is Northern Territory specific.  However, Year 12 students around Australia are being thought about as their secondary schooling years come to an end.


Tomorrow, Wednesday November 22, will be the last day of examinations for Year 12 students completing their Northern Territory Certificate of Education for 2016. Over the past three weeks some 1300 students have been sitting for examinations in the publicly assessed subject areas. While some have completed school assessed programs, the majority have been examined on more academic studies.

There is always a lot of hype around examinations and the end of secondary school. Students feel varying levels of stress in preparing for and undertaking exams. Beyond tomorrow comes waiting and the anticipation of results. This ‘wait’ is shared by parents, siblings and teachers who are keen that students have succeeded. Departmentally, there is also interest in whether students in public or private schools will enjoy the greater percentage of success.

Schoolies Week

While the wait is on, many students will head to Bali or elsewhere for ‘schoolies week’. It’s to be hoped they relax responsibly, avoiding accident, injury or even worse. Managing these adventures in a responsible way is part of growing up. It also returns the dividend of pride for parents who trust their children sufficiently to let them join schoolies week activities.

Right now

Students are waiting, firstly for NTCET results and then to see if they have earned the scores necessary to enter into university study at their chosen tertiary institutions. At least in these modern times the wait for results is not long. They should be with students in the week before Christmas. In past times it was well into January before students got their results.

Earlier results offer students the chance to take up placements immediately or to opt for a gap year. Many students take this option. It gives some a chance to travel while others go to work, earning money to help offset HECS fees.

While most Year 12’s will be successful, some will be disappointed. They will need to reflect upon their efforts and carefully consider the future. To this end support and advices from parents, teachers and student counsellors should come into consideration.

Successful students are those who have made the most of schooling opportunities. They have developed the skills and attitudes they need for success. This has lead to Year 12 as a culmination year and one of celebration. Congratulations to our graduates. All the best for the future.

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