Continuing some thoughts on this very important subject

Tip 16
As a presenter, never resort to SARCASM or berate others when dealing with those who have counter viewpoints to what you are espousing. This indulgence can only ever lead to self- belittlement.

When addressing MULTICULTURAL AUDIENCES it is critically important to deliver the message honestly, but without offending race, culture or creed. That can so easily happen and consequences can hurt.

Be presenters for whom LISTENERS THIRST. Don’t be a presenter causing audience to wish either you or they were elsewhere. It can and does happen. How do we guard against this being a consequence?


Tip 17
The proof of the message imparted by a good presenter is the life changing impact that can happen in and for the lives of others. Words are powerful artefacts of social and cultural expression.

It matters not if your audience is big or small. All those who come to hear you are paying you respect. Respect them in turn by offering the best delivery possible.

Should the development of speech and speaking programs be part of the curriculum available to children and students of all ages? 

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