I am not a researcher but an observer and a long time educational practitioner. The communications skills of young (and not so young people) have diminished over time. Far too many have gotten to the point of aural challenge and oral illiteracy. They do not know how to listen or speak.

Their writing and reading skills, but particularly writiing skills have diminished.

No, I am not a researcher but an educator who for over 40 years watched (and am still aware) of this diminishment of skill.

The iPhone is a device but finger manipulation skills and online language and abbreviation do not replace young people being able to look you in the eye during conversation, speaking clearly, confidently and with grammatical accuracy

This is a drawback for them in dealing with potential employers.

Tertiary institutions do not help. They are prepared to accept assignments and papers that are altogether mediocre by comparasion to past standards.

Not good.

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