Published in the NT Sun on November 6 2018.


Several thousand Northern Territory Year 12 students are reaching the pinnacle of their primary and secondary educational experience. Many are sitting their publicly assessed examinations which commenced on Monday November 5.

These exams continue until Friday November 20. Then begins the wait for exam results, due to be released on December 18. With the approach of Christmas students completing Stage Two and graduating from Year 12, will have their results and can begin planning the next stage of their lives.

Other students who have opted for school assessed subjects will also be considering vocational careers. For some students, there may be disappointment, but the majority will experience the joy that comes with success. Commitment and effort generally lead to positive outcomes.

Before the release of results, ‘Schoolies Week’ will be happening for our Year 12 cohort. Many students will let their hair down and chill out, possibly in Bali or at some other recreational resort. Celebration is fine and should be without incident if the cautions offered by parents and authorities are observed. Most schoolies week mishaps are avoidable.

The question of ‘what next’ will be already be exercising the minds of Year 12 students. Apprenticeships and further trade training will be on the horizon for some. Contemplation of university entrance to Charles Darwin or interstate universities will be considered by others.

Graduating Year 12 students may elect to take a ‘gap year’. This period of time away from study is used by some for travelling and others for work. A gap year gives students the chance to fully consider career alternatives when not confronted by study pressures.

Some students who have opted for a tertiary program while still at school, may upon reflection during this year away from study, change their minds and choose alternative career pathways.

To go straight to university from Year 12 can mean commencing a course that is really not the most suitable. The options then become changing courses midstream or continuing with a program that ultimately may lead to an unsatisfying career.

Those choosing to work during their gap year, know their earnings can go a long way towards meeting HECS costs and other tertiary study expenses. Degrees are becoming more expensive as Federal Government controls impacting on university funding continue to bite. Accumulated HECS debts are burdensome and can take years to pay back.

To complete Year 12 is a major achievement . All the very best to those graduating in 2018 as they prepare for the next stage of their lives.

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