Synergy is ‘collective energy’. It is the product of effort that can be achieved when a team of individuals pool their resources and work ‘together as one’ for the good of the team and the organisation.

Over time I learned to appreciate that a synergistic organisation is more positively proactive than one in which individuals work in isolation and with little sharing.

To be truly synergetic, those within organisations must value each other. They must rejoice in each other’s successes and appreciate the contributions each makes toward the organisation as a whole.

A synergistic organisation is one in which the individuals work in a way that puts the needs of the organisation as a whole above their own individual aspirations.

I learned from observation and conversation that synergy is a rare commodity. Many people within schools, businesses and other institutions are there primarily for themselves. I also learned that if Individuals worked for the collective good of the organisation, that as a workplace it was superior. I learned that synergy begets positive outcomes and in the school context enhanced student learning opportunities as well as being satisfying to students.

I learned that synergistic schools are the best schools.

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