What I wrote into a survey about perceptions of attitudes held for and about teachers. Written on June 14 2019

There is far too much loaded onto teacher in expectational terms. They are no longer able to teach in a direct and uncluttered manner. They are regarded as persons whose prime focus is to test, measure and evaluate students.

As professionals they are increasingly devalued. They are dumped on by systems and schools with demands they manage an ever expanding curriculum, one that is largely extraneous. In terms of load, things are added but never deleted. Accountabilities and justifications with which they have to conform are over the top.

Added to that is the fact they are dealing with students, especially secondary students in public schools who are often demotivated and disinclined. Respect of students for teachers at all levels is a diminishing quality.

Teaching is increasingly a thankless profession full of expectations (brickbacks) and light on for appreciation (bouquets).

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