This was posted by a teacher in Brisbane on a Facebook page. An excerpt is posted on my Linked In account and in it I made reference to the full text from this alarmed and dispirited professional educator. It is below in italics. It is reproduced without editing.

It is NOT true of all classes and all schools. But it IS an issue. An issue likely to mushroom as and if schools focus on the theory of organisational structure and let the issues of the moment, the classroom context and let slide the application of overall school behavioural management policies. These policies might be sets of nice documents and pretty words but without action they are useless verbage.

2 weeks ago I was sexually assaulted and verbally abused by a student in one of my classes. Supposedly none of the other students saw the sexual assault, but did recall some of the tirade that I also endured. As management could not find “proof” of the assault the student will be coming back to school next week.

Since the incident 3 of his friends in class have not held back from their verbal abuse of me in every class, always getting off with a slap on the wrist from admin. Its meant to result in suspension.

Today one of them physically threatened me and I had to send an emergency red card to the office for help, again. A dean is meant to arrive asap. It took 25mins.

The classroom behaviour is constantly escalating from this group.

Theres one more week of term. Despite the fact that I genuinely need the money to get through the holidays, and don’t want my reputation as a teacher smeared in future contracts within the department, I’m seriously considering not going back. My anxiety and stress is through the roof.

I’ll be at another school next term, a private school this time. I am forever swearing off working anywhere near my current school again and I feel so bad for the good students there having to condtantly endure the crap that they do when admin dont back up their own behavior guidelines.

This is a plaintive cry for help and support. It is echoed in far too many schools and far too many classrooms. It is a growing issue and one that is clouding the purpose and the essence of education.

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