Ash Barty is a credit to tennis and a shining example to all young (and not so young) people.

She deserves all the accolades she is earning. BUT

What I don’t like is that universities all over Australia will now be pushing each other out of the way to award her honorary doctorates.Honorary academics qualifications should never be awarded to those who haven’t earned them.

Adam Goodes is an example. He has justifiable earned recognition including Australian of the Year. He also has 3 honorary doctorates. For non academic prowess. WRONG.

As are the honorary doctorates that have been given to many other sportspeople, both indigenous and non-indigenous. The list of honorary doctorate holders ion the sporting domain is mind-boggling. Check it on Google.

Honorary doctorates trivialise tertiary education. Handing them out willy-nilly to sportspeople, politicans, retired defence personnel and others who may have made an occupational mark, discounts those who work hard and study for years to earn PhD’s and other academic doctorates. To add to the slight on genuine doctorate earners, graduation ceremonies offer accolades to honorary awardees while genuine doctorates earners are left to sit and hear from those being so honoured.



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