Enjoy the school holidays

Today marks the beginning of the three week school holiday period separating Semester‘s one and two in the Northern Territory.

Significant periods of school holidays will be starting the children and teachers in schools elsewhere around Australia, either this weekend or next.

As a retired teacher I want to wish everyone all the very best for a happy, relaxed period of time away from the school.

These days, teachers particularly on students as well her off and on the receiving end of criticism. This can be for perceived lack of application and effort. It adds to the fact that we become a profession that takes on board criticism and also self reflects, where the reflections and thoughts are often negative.

It is important that educators take time to consider things that they have done well, outcomes of benefit students, the system and of course themselves! Self-congratulation is important.

Of course taking account of things that could be done differently and better is a part and parcel of self evaluation. However overlooking those things that have been done well means that reflection is one-sided. It needs to be balanced.

My suggestion is to periodically about and maybe note down those things that have been done well in order to balance the perceptual ledger. There is much more to education and our contributions than negatives.

I also suggest that educators think about the contributions of peers and associates, where their contributions have been a personal benefit or assistance to others. Touching base by text or card, phone call or message “thank you” in appreciation during downtime could well boost them as well as satisfying you for having recognised their contribution.

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