1. Always make sure you write notes at the end of each day, that reflect on the things you have done well and on things you might do differently and better with or during your next lessons. It is important to make note of your successes as well as noting the things offering challenge. This ‘reflective journal ‘ is ever so important and can be easily overlooked. My suggestion would be that you write it with reference to your plans and notes used during the day, that you write conversationally and that you use it as a way of noting things you recall.

2. Teachers are directors, the classroom a stage and students the actors in a play that is pointing them from today toward the present. Each scene offers them ongoing development and confidence building.

3. If a preservice or relatively new teacher, never feel undervalued. Know that older colleagues appreciate the qualities you bring to schools. Know you are regarded as staff members while in your practice schools. They may not always say so, but you are appreciated.

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