It’s good to see the Northern Territory Principals Association coming out in the public domain over the issue of Executive Principals contracts. I think the Association should be more prominent when it comes to representing its members and education generally in the public arena. Hopefully, this is a new start.


The 2019 Arafura Games were a real winner for Darwin. Competition was outstanding, the endeavour of all competitors entertaining and uplifting. May these games continue to bless our city every two years. The games are great in making everyone aware of other countries and peoples in our quarter of the world.


Breakins to businesses and residences is epidemic across the NT. In the same way as the NT News publishes an ongoing ‘Crocodile Catch’ list, I’d suggest a ‘break in’ list to show how much havoc is being wreaked on our community. That would show just how grave the situation has become.


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