Many graduate teachers are appointed to rule and remote communities at work at schools in small towns, without really knowing the great deal about the communities to which they have been appointed.

It can be a case of not know what questions to ask about what facilities are available within those communities. There may be an assumption that what’s available in normal urban or large towns will be very duplicated and smaller and more remote settings. It could be the questions asked of people who do not know I have an understanding of those places and are not really qualified to answer questions put to them.

Only a small percentage of teachers who are in training actually get to undertake a practice teaching around within her and remote communities or in places away from the larger centres. So if appointed on graduation they don’t really have a frame of reference upon which to rely as they prepare to travel to their teaching assignments. Living and working in remote communities is best undertaken if people go and fully prepared for the life they are going to experience.

The next few entries in this thread cover things about which people should be aware if contemplating remote area service.

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