CONGRATULATIONS to Liz Veel, and to the student and staff community of Sanderson Middle School for the way in whichPrince Edward’s visit to that school was choreographed and managed yesterday. Media coverage in all formats was brilliant and illuminated this government school in a very positive light.

The program organised for the Prince’s visit compacted a lot of activity into a relatively short period of time. Without doubt His Highness would have had a great deal to contemplate, all of it positive, when he boarded his aircraft for a return to the UK.

I thought it great that students got to converse with the prince, and to take a leading role in the program put in place for his visit. Too often when it comes to official visits to schools, students tend to be offered a secondary role, with the prime focus being about the staff cohort. The way Ms Veel developed the day’s program is one others might accept as the way to shape a visit of this nature – and indeed any visit to one of our schools.

I am glad a government and not a private school was highlighted and that yesterday’s activities built a positive focus and confidence on Sanderson as a representative public school.

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