I was recently reminded of the bouquets and brickbats that are a part of education. Thinking about how they are shared within organisations was part of this reflection.

I came across several news stories featuring successful school programs. All involved innovation with changes to teaching and learning practices also being included.

The stories were in print media. They were supported by a photo which included students, evidence of their enterprise and the school principal.

So many of these celebratory stories that focus positively on school outcomes identify with principals.

I believe the focus should be on teachers and staff members who have supported the students in their successes. It should be for principals to know that appreciation will extend to them because they are school leaders.

Teachers who have worked directly with children should be more regularly focussed upon to receive plaudits and accolades. It does little for morale if teachers who have done the work with students leading to their recognition, are asked to stand aside so the school principal can grab the limelight.

Teachers are generally selfless so on the face of it, nothing might change. However a ‘see me’ leadership attitude does little for school atmosphere.

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