Channel 7 test cricket commentators are far better than their Fox counterparts. They talk about the game while Fox commentators pay little attention to the game itself, preferring to laugh, joke and talk about themselves. Thanks Channel 7.


Slippage by Australian students in PIZA maths and literacy rankings I’d hardly surprising. Add ons to overall curriculum requirements trivialises the educational agenda. Disruptive, unmotivated and defocussed students require too many teachers to spend far too much time on discipline, detracting from their teaching of students who are keen to learn.


Those connected with the Gardens Tennis Club have every right to feel miffed because of exclusion from funding largesse offered almost every other sport in the Top End. What a pity that horses do not play tennis.


The sad situation in Samoa, with hundreds infected and many children dying from the preventable affliction of measles is both sad and horrifying. The same could happen in Australia if the anti-vax movement really takes off. There is no place in our society for the anti-vax message.


It is hot in Darwin when taking a shower has one looking for a cold water to turn on to cool the hot water coming from the cold water tap to the shower head.


The progressive abrogation of traditional celebrations that have long been part of the Australian life is both sad and alarming. Forsaking Christmas, Easter and Australia Day for the real or imagined discomfort they may cause to Indigenous Australians and overseas arrivals is disingenuous. This is about capitulation and will add to discord rather than building relationships within society.


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