Many of the things that happen in our schools are not new but rather regurgitated ideas. The same goes with practice.

I have watched with fascination the phenomena that, sadly, is far too often the part of education and schools practice.

It might be called “when the clock resets to zero”.

This sad practice is all about succession and leadership in schools not wanting any part of what has gone before. Rather than building on the traditions, history and the practices of the school, the process is to dump as much as possible so that outgoing leadership teams start at zero. Materials, artefacts and other items are dumped, archived, or hidden from view. Those new to the school as leaders then start over making their own mark and establishing their own set of criteria in relation to the school.

Among the things shelved may be fine educational practices that for all intents and purposes are discontinued.

The new leadership (individual and team) wants to do their own thing and not in anyway be “encumbered“ by past practices and emphasis.

But there is a juxtaposition! After a number of years it’s common practice for those things that have been “hidden“ Buy new management to be dragged out of the cupboard and introduced as as new in terms of introduced materials or educational practices. A sad turning of the wheel.

It seems to be the case particularly in the Northern Territory that individuality and “doing one’s thing” is very important. The notion of connectivity and working in a group like way and sharing credits is something that lacks in many cases.

While the individual is important and then can individual contributions essential, The outcomes of synergy or collective energy brought to bear for the benefit of organisations is superior as an operational strategy.

So too is building on what has gone before for that enables organisations make steady progress, progress that is always built upon a solid foundation. Discounting the past and a discounting history causing organisations to have to start all over doesn’t do anything facility but does create organisational tentativeness and insecurity.

We need education in our schools to be based upon what is in place when new leaders are announced, with the idea that we go forward not backwards. Expunging inherited practice and starting again Without a thought about the consequences is not wise.

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