Points to ponder


The NT Government sports voucher scheme for urban and rural students offers tremendous support to parents needing support in defraying costs incurred by their participating children. It is to be hoped that the scheme, available to everyone, will be taken up by families. Children need activity that goes beyond keyboards and screens.

I cannot understand the exponentiality about the construction costs of new schools. In the early 1980’s four new primary schools including one in Alice Springs were built for a total of $16 million. These days one school sets government back for well over $30 million. How come? Is government being ripped off?

Kylie Lang’s column (NT News 13/1) is spot on in calling out a real and growing issue facing teachers – disinclined and thuggish students who are the offspring of recalcitrant and disinterested parents. We have many great students but the challenge of the growing negative cohort is threatening the essence of teaching and education.

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