Education is often long on plans and short on action outcomes. We regularly see fantastic plans diagrammatically supported appearing on paper and on educational sites. But will plans work out?

The proof of the pudding will be in the eating. I have seen far too many plans, diagrams and theoretical depictions over the years which at the end of the day go nowhere in outcome terms. Nor do they effect any real or meaningful change.

That is not knocking concept creators but simply making the point that their work often fails in leading to logical does not change for practitioners in classrooms.

Pretty diagrams do not lead to meaningful action and positive outcomes by simple visual depiction.

Teachers are often asked to do more and more and more, with less and less and less appreciation.

Planners need to make sure that contact with teachers in classrooms is well and truly maintained.

Ensure that things are working out for them, for they are sorely burdened with a greater and greater onus of responsibility being foisted up on them. It is critical that the gap between schools and the support section of the department is narrowed. Relations between the two areas need to be symbiotic. Too often there is antagonistic and reluctant cooperation.


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