It is important that technology in classrooms and schools should be appreciated. It is important that teachers and students share teaching and learning opportunities, where this is enhanced by the use of technology. However, technological tools should never be allowed to stand in the place of the teacher.

It can be all too easy for teachers to recycle from direct interface with students, preferring instead to establish communications with learners through software packages available to support learning. Using attachments like blackboard, Skype, Scootle, and a myriad of other learning aids can help when it comes to refining and extending student learning. These devices must be under the control of teachers and structured in the way they are used to support student learning. It can be all too easy for teachers to hand pass their role in student learning development to the point of becoming detached.

The best most enriched learning comes from the contact developed and maintained between teachers and students. It is nice to “put a face on learning”! I believe students appreciate teachers who are there for them in a direct and first-hand context. To disengage, deferring classroom teaching practice to robotic attachments with mechanical voices is anathema.

Perspective is important. Nothing can ever replace the first-hand relationships that develop and involve between sincere, committed teaching professionals and students primary, secondary and tertiary, with whom they are engaging.

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