COVID-19, which had its birthplace in the wild meat markets of Wuhan in late November and early December, now blankets the world with its insidious and medically challenging manifestations.

Australian Federal State and Territory Government ineptitude and slow reactive response along with the dismissive and non-conforming behaviour of many who should be isolating means this virus is upon us at a rate of knots. Exponential spread is upon us and there will be no flattening of the infection curve.

I have no empathy for those who went cruising after the ‘Diamond Princess’ situation because anyone with a grain of common sense would know that onboard ship infections would reduplicate. And allowing international ships in to dock after the embargo was called is misplaced empathy and a misjudgement by Scott Morrison and his advisers.

Nor do I have sympathy (but plenty of latent anger) for those who took off on overseas holidays after the Chinese-Wuhan Virus and its spread became known to those with half a grain of world awareness. Phyrric bravado and attitudes of “it won’t get me” don’t cut the mustard but predicate the behaviour of fools. When outcomes that could have been preventable become really rough, these people expect the Australian Government will come to their rescue and bail them out.

Sadly, they are right for that is exactly what the government does. They spend up big bringing the now seriously minded ones home to infect the rest of us.

People being flown back to home states and territories, when coming into Australia from suspect situations should be flown on dedicated charter flights, NOT on commercial airlines.

How many of the passengers on the two flights that brought infected people from interstate to the Northern Territory will succumb to this evil pathogen. Fully infections the three would have been because they had no sooner lobbed in Darwin that they were declared coronavirus positive: In other words, authorities (and they themselves) would have known of their contagion before they boarded commercial flights.

Thanks to non-caring people and to reluctant authorities who are prepared to play reactive catch-up laced with misplaced empathy, we are going to really catch this contagion big time.

By the end of March our 1,030 infections as of today’s date (21 March) will be up to if not over the 5,000 mark.

Maybe COVID-19 is one of the seven last of the world’s plagues described in the New Testament book of Revelation.

Note: I am publishing this on my ‘Education a Life Force’ site because COVID-19 impacts every aspect of life and has major implications for educational emphasis and outcomes.

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