Sometimes dreams can be forecast to break down in reality.

I believe this campus is, totally unnecessary and so totally, totally over the top.

And now an extra $15 million to buy the land that was going to be gifted by the City of Darwin Council. Is this an uncoupling of their business relationship shared with the CDU.

So we go for a new city centre campus costing hundreds of millions of dollars while the Casuarina Campus becomes increasingly ghostlike with fewer students on site. Online learning has been part of the reason for increasingly empty buildings.

A visit to the Casuarina Campus creates the impression that the buildings belong to the Essington International School!

There is heaps of student accomodation just off the campus along with Unihouse for students 800 metres up the road adjoining the Casuarina Shopping Precinct- the biggest and most diverse commercial and retail shopping centre in the NT.

In spite of these facilities and notwithstanding CDU penury, the new extravagance in the city is going ahead.

Not for mine an idea built on economic rationality or careful pragmatic forethought.

We have been told that the new campus, costing in excess of $400 million is being funded by a grant from the Federal Government together with a loan from the North Australian Infrastructure Fund. Seemingly these funds cannot be appropriated to meet more dire University needs.

I wonder. This campus could well become a facade while more urgent core business goes unfunded. This could lead to a further reduction in course availability and further redundancies of University staff.

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