I was a casual staff member at Charles Darwin University (CDU) for four plus years from late 2011. During that time I worked with the Faculty of Education, dealing with both International Students and others connected with teacher training. I developed a lot of material relating to language issues and also much material covering aspects of classroom management proactive along with material to do with speech and speaking.

As a member of the CDU Alumni I received a letter from Vice Chancellor Simon Maddock asking for thoughts to be given to donating money to support International Students who are presently caught up in the impasse generated by COVID-19.

The money thing is not possible. However, I am happy to share material with students who might gain benefit from material I have created. I am not after being paid for what might be shared, because that is not the point of my offer. Helping to support students, particularly those in Preservice teaching mode or those with language needs is my prime objective.

Aside from LinkedIn, I am at

A great deal of material is on my blog at henry gray and can be used by those who might find it of benefit or assistance.

I have indexes of materials and don’t mind sharing. Just ask.

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