Haileybury Principal and Deputy Principalship Graig and Kerry Glass have inspired staff and lead a rejuvenated school community to put the school on a solid educational footing. In a few short years they have uplifted the school to rival Essington in the private educational stakes. Their contribution has blessed and enriched NT education.


There are two glaring deficits impacting the effectiveness of Australia’s university education. Reliance on overseas students and overpriced degrees makes domestic students second best. As well, the focus on grants dollars for research detracts from what should be the prime focus of universities – teaching.


From all the challenges students and teachers have confronted this year, there has been one blessing; the abandonment of NAPLAN testing for 2020. This questionable testing regime has burdened education since 2008. I hope NAPLAN is gone for good and believe the vast majority of teachers share the same wish

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