People should get real and be less altruistic about this issue of young people and the age of responsibility.

There is no way that anyone should go with the belief that ten year old children do not know right from wrong. Children brought up by caring parents and those who are in our schools from the age of 5, well know the difference between right and wrong.

I am disappointed in people for believing that by the age of ten, these precepts have not become a part of the understanding of children.

I am also disappointed in those who are about the implied excusing of ten year olds for the things they do that bring blight to community and to victims.

Finally I am disappointed that people make no mention of parental responsibility, apparently excusing parents for their lack of guidance for children. And I am incredulous at the attitude of those who overlook the work done in our schools to share the right way with children.

Situational fact and anecdote in my opinion outweigh the findings of studies undertaken by people who are watching our society evolving from high on the balcony. As a long educator of forty plus years and one maintaining a keen interest in education , I was on the dance floor amongst it all.

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