It is pleasing that the number of suspensions in NT schools overall as reported in the NT News (27/8) have reduced in the past twelve months. If this is indicative of students exercising greater personal constraint and consideration of others, that is a good thing. It would be counterproductive however, if the decline in suspensions is being achieved because schools are now accepting behaviours that were previously deemed to be unacceptable.



It is sad this year that there has been a procession of students into and out of schools, from learning at school to learning at home and never knowing whether tomorrow or next week is going to see them in one place or the other.

That’s especially the case in Victoria and increasingly in New South Wales with schools been closed for deep cleaning after a person here or there has contracted coronavirus.

Although the education systems in both the states and periodically in some of the other states as well have tried hard to cope, there have been issues which will impact upon learning outcomes during 2020.

The Northern Territory has been well blessed because of minimal schooling disruption. This comparatively uninterrupted schooling opportunity should see our students well-placed for outcomes achievement.

One thing not seen however is the way in which COVID-19 has played upon the minds of students everywhere and at all levels of schooling. In the same way as adults have been preoccupied with the virus so to have students in the way they think about the issue. This has been an unfortunate year for Australian students and indeed students everywhere around the world.

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