Today (October 30) we celebrate World Teachers Day. Thank you to our teachers abd school support staff for their dedication and commitment to educating and supporting students in our Territory Schools. Staff do the best they can by children each and every day. I hope all those working in our schools feel valued and appreciated for the great job they do. May they enjoy and have the chance to reflect positively on 2029 this World Teachers Day.


All the very best to our Year 12 students as they begin sitting their publicly assessed examinations leading to their NT Certificates of Education. May they be rewarded for their hard work, diligence and commitment to study in what has been a difficult and challenging educational year.


Students, teachers and those connected with education all over Australia have had to endure a lot this year. For the most part, people have adapted to circumstances. Let us hope the 2021 will be a year it’s far more normal. At the same time, let us “rejoice“ in the fact that we have been able in educational terms to confront and for the most part master challenges.

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