Some developments stand for ‘good’ change while others have been far more deleterious in terms of impact. A lot of the changes have evolved from technological advances.

So much of what has developed has negative social impact. There have always been liars, thieves, cheats, take down merchants, and others connected with the dark underside of life. However, in proportionate terms it seems these people have grown in number and certainly in terms of the spread of their influence because of technological advances. That seems to be particularly the case in the last 20 or 25 years.

With the advances of technology, depth and breath of the scope of those would negatively influence or prey upon the community has grown exponentially. It seems that you can’t turn around but for invitations to be skinned, ripped off, and reduced.

The personal hurt, social putdowns, and sharing of negatives scarifying personality through the misuse of Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media applications is devastating. The problems caused by negativity have exploded quite exponentially.

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