Prior to and after retirement I worked as an educator with international students undertaking teacher training at the Charles Darwin University in Darwin. A part of my brief was to observe and advise students who were on practice teaching assignments.

I also worked with students on issues of language and communication with children in classrooms. This included control and management issues.

During those years I put together a lot of teaching tips on language skills and communication methodology to support students.

The material developed is still highly relevant and I am happy to share it with anyone who might benefit from it’s use. These materials will be provided at no cost to those who might fjnd them of use.

Simply email me at to make contact.

I was much helped and supported by others when making my way as an educator and consider it my turn to share.

I also have a blog at

with content on education that is entirely free to anyone who wants to use what has been written.

There are over 700 entries on my blog. They are archived by the month, in descending order from last to first month.

Please feel free to visit and use what is written. People are welcome to copy and use as they like.

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