It is a crying shame that universities are prepared to lower entry standards into courses for domestic students, in order to fill quotas (Sunday Territorian 27/12).

The lowering of entry requirements promotes mediocrity and sends a message that effort to attain a high ATAR entry score doesn’t really matter. I shudder to think that our tertiary institutions should endorse such a slack, lowering of standards attitude.


There was a time when those studying for tertiary qualifications earned failing grades for below standard work. That seems to be no longer the case.

University staff bend over backwards to ensure students, ALL students it seems, pass units and graduate from degree courses.

One has to ask if this move toward mediocrity is wise or whether it is a course of action that is followed because universities have become businesses wanting money from students and therefore have a lesser concern about the quality of person they graduate.

All rather alarming I think.

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