A planeload of repatriated persons from Chennai in India arrived in Darwin on January 1 2021. The flight had over 150 passengers on board.

On January 2 2021, the online edition of the NT News reported that five adults and an infant had tested positive at the Howard Springs Quarantine Centre for COVID-19. The story was posted online at 3:16 pm on January 2.

We are constantly told that repatriated persons are tested before boarding flights and that if they show signs of COVID-19 positiveness, are excluded from the flight.

The people from Chennai in my opinion were NOT, repeat NOT tested before boarding their flight. In my opinion, authorities are pretending that testing prior to embarkation takes place. IT DOES NOT!

Less than a day after touchdown in Darwin, this high level of infection shows up. It has to be these people were flying infected on the plane. How many more have been infected by these six during the flight? And authorities at Howard Springs have to cope with this rash of infections, protecting others and keeping COVID-19 out of the community.

Stop with the half truths on the repatriation issue. Be open and honest with the community at large on this subject.

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