Make no mistake. We are (still) well and truly in the grip of the coronavirus. There can be no let up in our vigilance simply buy turning a corner into the new year. It often seems that Australia is not on song with the message of caution.

We are having virus breakouts and clusters forming and consolidating (3/1/2021) in NSW and Victoria. Cross border infection has been an issue. Borders are closing and people and rushing hither and thither like headless chooks. (One has to ask why they left home in the first place.) The add on cases of those with the virus and those in isolation because of contact, are adding up.

It seems that we could be on the cusp of a new Covid emergence for cases of community infection are certainly ramping up. With the repatriation programs and the numbers of people coming down with Covid while in quarantine all around Australia, you have to wonder.

How long until the virus escapes quarantine and gets out into the community – as has already happened in NSW. Vaccines are still a way off and we will soon be emerging into autumn and then the prime virus strike time of winter. We are by no means out of the woods.

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