Maybe I am a simpleton or just not able to understand understandable issues. Can someone please help me understand the matters I find so confusing. They are not in any particular order of confusion but all are hard for me to understand.

I need educating.

. Why is it that the more and more Australians repatriated from overseas, the more abd more there are on waiting lists wanting to return? Australian families – airlines estimate close to 100,000 people may be waiting to return. How come when so many are already back?

. Why have more than 16,000 Australians been granted exemptions to go overseas since the government embargoed overseas travel in March/April 2020?

. Why are repatriated Australians being quarantined in hotels in the centre of cities in all places but the NT?

. Why are deterrent Covid behaviours suggested rather than being mandated?

. Why do authorities act in a way that makes them beholden to fixing up the issues that people have gotten themselves into through their own behaviour and actions – often indulged counter to the advice of authorities?

. Why are people so frenetic about travel and holidays when this flies in the face of the common sense we should all be exercising?

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