The private sector of NT education is well supported and blessed by some excellent schools which compliment public education. Both Haileybury Rendall and Essington Schools set extremely high standards that all Territory schools, both private and public are challenged to meet. This healthy competition helps teachers and students toward educational excellence.

We need the mix.


All the very best for the 2021 academic year to all students, parents, teachers and school support staff as they head back to our schools this week. May the year be one of success abd celebration for all those connected with education throughout the NT. Nothing is more vital than the educational readiness and character preparation of our young people, who will become our leaders and decision

makers in tomorrow’s world.


The placement of permanent, electronically controlled signage that reminds motorists to slow down in school zones is to be applauded. Drivers can be easily distracted. These signs will reduce the driving (and pedestrian) risks that can so easily occur. It is to be hoped these signs are put in place to support road safety for all urban schools.

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