NO-ONE can afford to take Covid 19 less than seriously.

Too often and more frequently, we are being foolish over cautions with Covid.

Here in Australia our community is taking tremendous risks with its almost laissre faire attitude to Covid. The majority are treating physical distancing, hand washing and locational conformation through QR coding as a joke.

There are outbreaks happening from time to time in quarantine hotels and the number of repatriated people with infections is not insignificant.

Winter is coming on in Australia. We have gatherings of up to 40,000 at football matches and outdoor activities which advocate separation of people, only to have this advice ignored.

The free availability of alcohol is also diluting cautions that should be in place and practiced.

It is only a matter of time until the virus breaks out again, somewhere in Australia. And that possibility is not helped by the fact that government and authority have the slackers attitude to vaccination that can be imagined. Government is playing a game of “she’ll be right”.

For how long??

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