Lessons in “dressing“ for transition and Year One children can offer “stitch in time“ benefits. It may sound tiresome, repetitive and therefore monotonous to contemplate teaching little children to tie shoelaces, put hats on correctly, manage their socks, and to put on other articles of clothing. However in the long term time spent teaching little children these important personal rudiments can have great benefit.

Take for instance the timing of shoelaces. Initially, it’s going to be hard yakka teaching assistants and teachers who have to help children individually to tie up the shoelaces. However, children “learn by doing“. Observation may come first but with the instruction on tying shoelaces some of the children will grasp the methodology. They intern will help children who are still in learning phase.It’s good practice for children who know how to do the tiling and the motivation for children still learning to become independent so they don’t have to rely upon their peers. Overreliance becomes embarrassing!

If these skills are not taught when children are young they begin moving up the grades still without the ability to undertake these important elements of personal care. That becomes more than embarrassing; it may become a point of teasing and bullying that gets to be directed at those who are still inept.

Building confidence in young children is important. That building of confidence in Hants if independence in terms of personal care is developed.

It’s also time saving for teachers and support staff, particularly when children need to take off their shoes for PE, need to get ready to go swimming, need to restore their motor additional dress after swimming lessons and so on. And and “stitch in time saves nine“ certainly pays dividends for children and their teachers in the longer term.

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