In the light of critical casual labour shortages, it makes common sense for the Australian Government to have allowed international students to work unlimited hours. This will help overcome the chronic labour shortfall in key tourism and hospitality industries. However, some training may be needed for students before they become tour guides.


We are blessed by the knowledge that the boab tree, so much an integral part of our city for so long, is to be incorporated into and protected within the new CDU precinct. Those valuing the boab will be elated by news of the university so highly valuing this icon.


Grey Morris’ column “in desperate need of a fresh Year of the Child” (Sun. Terr. 28/3) should be read and digested by all parents (and grandparents). Far too often, children are let down badly by prevailing political, economic and social circumstances. Genuine parental nurture, care and love are attributes so desperately needed by children and so often in short supply or completely lacking because parental priorities are elsewhere. This neglect is morally wrong.

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