Educational Points to Ponder

A consultation opportunity is being offered parents and community by the Education Department, to share their thinking about educational priorities. I hope this does not include loading more loco parentis requirements onto teachers and schools. The system already does a huge amount in the upbringing of children; parents have already hand-balled far too much of what should be their parental responsibilities onto staff in schools.


Why would the CDU commission a new $1.7 million building for aged care training at the Casuarina campus (NT News 8/6)? There are SO MANY empty and unused buildings on the campus now, that a far cheaper option would have been to house the program in an facility. The new building is a waste of supposedly scarce university resources.


There’s nothing more important than the tone, quality harmony and atmosphere which generate within schools. Atmosphere is an intangible which cannot be bought. It comes from the way in which people work together. Quality atmosphere is precious and can be so easily lost if it is not appreciated, nurtured and grown through the way in which people work together within our schools.

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