What! And Dirty My Hands?

The attitudes that people have toward work grow from many sources. Some may shy away from work because pension benefits (unemployment benefits) paid to those who are non workers are sufficient. For others, the need to travel to a job may make the taking up of positions an impossibility.

There are legitimate reasons why some cannot work and must draw benefits. However, it seems that many who might work, have an aversion to menial tasks. Off the agenda are cleaning, general labouring, agricultural and horticultural work, supermarket trolley collecting and similar tasks. It seems these position are for people from overseas on working visas.

The attitude seems to be that menial work is below the dignity of some. “What and dirty my hands (working)” seems to be a prevailing attitude.

Have parents and education had any part in blackballing these jobs? It is hard to know. What is sad is that a significant (and possibly) growing number of young (and some older) people, believe that base line work is beneath their dignity.

It is great to know that the number of young people commencing apprenticeships is on the rise. However, the dearth of people available and/or willing to support essential areas of labour need is aggravating the viability of the industries mentioned. There is for instance a shortfall of 26,000 (Channel 9 news 17/6) people needed to pick this year’s fruit and vegetable crops.

Jobs need to be done. Educating the importance of all tasks should be of the brief that prepares us for life.

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