It is all too easy to blame the truancy practices of indigenous children missing days and days of schooling on “poor teaching and failure to engage students” ( “Extra funds fail to improve Indigenous schooling – new report ” NT News 23/6). Parents and students are failing to fulfil THEIR responsibilities to themselves, to ensure attendance so teaching and engagement of teachers with children CAN take place. Blame does. NOT lie with schools and teachers.


Two girls one 13 the other 12 stole a car, barely allowing a 7 year old boy in the car a chance to realise what was happening. He escaped in the nick of time. Police apprehended the stolen vehicle and “the youths were taken home and released into the care of responsible adults” (NT News 24/6). I am now wondering what ‘responsible’ means when it comes to the care and welfare of children by parents and carers.


All the very best to students and school staff for a safe, happy and restful mid year holiday break. Thank you teachers and school staff for the great job you do in ministering to the educational and support needs of our Territory’s primary and secondary students. I hope this is a period of refreshment for everyone connected with school education.

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