Educate Sense in Covid Era, 2020 until ?


With the coronavirus, there is for us in the NT and Australia the ‘new normal’ but not ‘normality’ as we knew it. The COVID-19 virus is ever lurking and with our soft border options on the quarantining alternative for people from hot spots, the virus has every chance of outing itself into the wider community. Complacency is starting to take a firm grip in the NT and physical distancing (the best of all avoidance measures) is starting to become a past practice.

That Darwin Harbour view tranquility while a vision from high rise Darwin offices may offer a vista of false hope about what lies ahead in the not so distant future.

If lunching, make sure that physical distancing should be part of your eating methodology. You want this midday period to be long and not short term.

Also enjoy and appreciate your own company. There is value in quiet contemplation and being alone with your own thoughts and those shared in concert with your family.

Those who tempt danger by betting their lives against

COVID- 19 are playing a very dangerous game of Russian Roulette

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